“Whose Pee is This?” and other things that are totally normal.

This morning I woke up and rolled over to find that one of my darling children had given me a gift. The gift of a full potty, balanced ever so carefully on the edge of my mattress. As I blearily attempted to heave my ass out of bed without disturbing the precarious nature of said potty, I called out “Whose pee is this?!?”

And not because I was mad. Because if it was Violet’s I was going to be very proud.

Neither my half-naked 3-yr-old nor my totally naked 22-month-old (they’re both pretty into stripping their own diapers off before leaving their room in the morning these days, which I’m fine with as long as they are only wet) claimed ownership of the aforementioned pee. So it was probably the big one. She tends to be better with balancing things.

And speaking of pee. I’m now 28 weeks pregnant. Solidly into the third trimester. I don’t have a specifically pee-related anecdote to go along with that, unless you count that we got to see my bladder, along with the baby’s, on our ultrasound yesterday. But the bladders weren’t the exciting part, the rest of the little baby was! It was a bit different than the times we’ve had ultrasounds in the past, being that I’m so much further along. The babes is already starting to run out of room in there (as evidenced by my current heartburn and subsequent sudden increase in Tums consumption) but we did get to see profile, and some glimpses of hands, and feet, and spine and all that fun stuff. We asked the tech to gloss over any boy and/or girl bits, because once again we want to be surprised with the sex of the baby. So, all we have to report is that baby is looking good, everything is where it should be, YES there is only one in there so STOP HAVING CRAZY DREAMS ABOUT TWINS, SELF. THE FACT THAT NATE IS A TWIN HAS NO BEARING WHATSOEVER ON THE LIKELIHOOD OF YOU HAVING TWINS AND YOU KNOW THAT, and most importantly, baby’s thyroid gland looks normal. Which was the actual reason for the scan in the first place. Because apparently there is a tiny chance that the thyroid antibodies my Hashimoto’s disease creates (and which have majorly goitered upmythyroid gland) can cross over and mess with the kid in utero. Which could cause problems with the whole “folding in half to fit through the birth canal” act the little one’s got to pull off in a few months. BUT everything looks good, so we’re good.

Here’s what isn’t good. Everything about my house. Well, it’s fine, there’s nothing really wrong with it. I just suddenly hate everything about everything we’ve ever purchased. I am a woman possessed. Moving furniture around, dreaming up things for Nate to paint, making plans to basically revamp our entire residence. We’ll see how much actually gets done before this nesting train runs out of steam, but I’m just going to ride it out as long as I can. I’ve been waiting for this. The fronts of my kitchen cabinets really need to be wiped down, and that is not a task that normally gets a very high priority.

Oh. One other thing that’s good. Nate just got back from Subway with my dinner. Imma go eat. Peace.

Totally carried that cradle up from the basement by myself today. Whoops.