What did I just say?

I think it’s safe to go ahead and say that this year was the worst one yet. Not because the weather was particularly bad (though holy hell, they get lots of snow here at the lake), or because anything spectacularly horrible happened to us (there was a fair amount of what I’d call “horrible adjacent” though, bad stuff that happened to close friends, so) but just because this was the year when I finally lost my damn mind. I thought I was coming out of it a month ago, but then March was a real bitch, and even April is falling under the “winter” heading this year.

Like, seriously. It’s been rough. Shut down my facebook rough.

Speaking of which- I shut down my facebook about a week ago, which means this won’t link there, which means I have no idea if anyone will actually be reading this. Does anyone read blogs anymore, if they don’t just appear in your facebook feed? Circle Y for yes.

But I didn’t open this up today to write about how rough this winter was. I wanted to share the fact that the snow is ACTUALLY finally melting, there is MUD in the yard, there is EXPLORING to be had, and the fresh air and sunshine is almost too much to bear. It. Is. Happening.

(note to self: Maybe get one of those daylight lamp things before next year. SAD is a thing, and I’m ready to diagnose myself with it.)

But today it is raining, and I am thrilled. Because the only thing that will make this gd snow go away faster than the warmth is the warmth AND some steadily falling rain. So bring on the rain.springtime-02Plus is there anything cuter than babies in rain pants?


We had a nice time out there, got totally drenched, found a couple little spots to splash in.

And then this one got home from school. And while the rain had slowed to only a light drizzle, she of course managed to find/create a mud hole. Because the only thing Violet loves more than bathing and showering is working herself into a state that requires a bath or a shower. She loves the slop. Her father was a mudder.


Her mother was a mudder.


Her mother was a mudder?

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