What a game.

Wow. I’m surprised I didn’t put myself into labor, getting so worked up and excited watching that game. I was actually jumping up and down on the couch at one point. I was also sitting on my birthing ball for part of the game, which was fun, cause I started bouncing up and down when things got exciting. Also, my throat hurts from the yelling and screaming.

Down 7-0 in the 7th and they come back to win it? Only the Red Sox.

I’ve decided that this baby NEEDS to be born while the Sox are still playing baseball. So in about the 4th inning this evening I said, “Okay, God. Either the Sox need to start winning, or… this kids got 5 innings in which to be born.”

He chose to go with the Sox win. Which is great. The kid’s lease is now extended to at least the end of Saturday night’s game.

In non-baseball news, I have finished the baby’s room. I added some pictures onto the pictures page, feel free to check em out. I think it came together nicely. It’s not your typical pink or blue or minty green baby baby room, but I like it. Now all it needs is a baby. Even though, really, the baby won’t be sleeping in there for awhile yet… we’ve got a cradle that will be in our room for when the baby first comes home. It’s a very nice cradle. My dad made it for me when I was a baby. So that is pretty awesome, I think. I like having stuff that was mine when I was little. I’m sentimental like that.


Dad playing guitar to little me in the cradle.