Welcome to the baby blog.

I’ll do my best to keep this updated and interesting. I’m sure it will be much more interesting once the baby is actually here… right now we’re pretty much just in the last-bit-of-pregnancy holding pattern. Got about 6 weeks to go.

I feel huge, but whenever I tell somebody that I’m 7.5 months pregnant, they say “Oh my God, you’re so tiny!” So I don’t know.

Right now, the baby’s favorite thing to do is push up into my ribcage, which I’m sure it great fun. Unfortunately, that also makes it a bit difficult for me to breathe at times… but sometimes I can also feel its little bottom pushing up on the top of my stomach, and that is still pretty cool. Baby also seems to get hiccups quite regularly. Which is cute. I can feel those in the underside of my belly, so I guess the baby must be head down.

The staples in my diet continue to be ice cream and bowls of breakfast cereal, which I figure is healthy… I’m getting plenty of calcium and protein, plus I put blueberries on my Total and Cheerios, so there’s fruit, and whole grains. I also drink a lot of V8Fusion, which is a whole serving of fruits and veggies in one cup of juice. Between all that and my vitamins, I think I’m doing pretty well, nutritionally.

The big news this week is that my mom had her baby, so our new baby has another aunt! Check out Emily’s website here.