It’s been a busy, non-busy week. Which is to say, normal.

Did some freezer-cooking on Monday, which means the girls watched roughly 900 hours of Max&Ruby while I chopped and mixed and marinated and baked and bagged several nights worth of dinners.

Tonight we had one of them. (Well, the pre-frozen version of one. Since it’s basically just pork frozen in a marinade, I feel confident that the freezer-to-table version will be every bit as tasty.) And tasty it was. Pork Kebabs made with a spicy peanut butter marinade. I added some yellow peppers and grape tomatoes and red onions to fill out the kebabs and threw some brown rice in the rice cooker, Nate fired up the grill when he got home, and voila. Dinner. So good.

Mmmmm shish kabobs.

The girls and I have been enjoying the summer weather (between thunderstorms) by spending a lot of time out in the backyard. They spend their time in the kiddie pool, mostly au naturel, because apparently they are just too free-spirited for bathing suits. I spend my time cuddling with the littlest chickadee on the swing that I so wisely suggested we purchase this year. It is good times. Very good.