The words she knows, the tune she hums.

When Violet was 2 years old, and Bianca was still a newborn, Fiona was in preschool 2 mornings a week. I decided I wanted to find an activity to do with just Violet, and so I found a mommy&me dance class that met at the rec center on Thursday mornings.

She really enjoyed that class, so the following Spring I signed her up for the 3-year-old unparented class. And then the next Fall, Fiona was in kindergarten, but only 4 mornings a week, no Thursdays. So we put Violet into the W-F preschool class, and Thursdays became dance class day. First the two of them were in one class after the other, (sooo many hours spent sitting in the upstairs hallway at the rec center) then (finally!) they got to be in the same age group. Then this Fall rolled around, and Fiona was in school full-time. I put Bianca in the mommy&me, and Violet  was in the 4-5s, but poor Fiona was really bummed to be left out.

When I mentioned her disappointment to their dance teacher, she said “Oh! I teach a class on Thursday afternoons at my studio as well! Why don’t Fiona and Violet come to that one?”

And Thursdays were once again dance class day.


This is definitely one of the big things that we are really going to miss about Edmonton when we leave.

Thanks for all the Thursdays, Miss Gail!dance-01