The Blur.

One day I sat down to write a blog entry. I had a one week old baby, and was super proud of myself for writing something up so soon after the birth of my newest child.

And then I never finished it.

And now my baby is 3 weeks old somehow? What the pflachhhh? How has this happened?

So. I will eventually post a birth story, and post pictures. It also doesn’t help that my ancient beyond ancient monitor died a couple weeks ago and I was unable to properly edit any photos for days on end. So I’ve got a backlog of editing on top of a backlog of newborn stories to tell.

What I should really do is give up on catching up and just jump in with current events.

But now I wrote all this and now I’m tired and I’m no closer to having written a real post.

Next time I’ll dispense with the excuses and just jump right in.

When I’m done snuggling with my chickie.

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