The artist formerly known as My Good Baby.

When Bianca was born, she was so easy. She didn’t even cry at first. Just snuggled right into my chest.

She continued to be an easy baby. I didn’t say anything, because duh. That will jinx it. But she kept being easy. “Wait until she hits two weeks,” they said. She did, and was still happy and easy. Played on the floor when I left her there. Slept when I put her down. “Just wait until 6 weeks,” they said. She did, and was still happy. “Wait until she starts teething,” they said. And then the kid woke up one morning and we were all “did she have these teeth last night?”


That one of her gummy smile? That’s the time she cut 4 teeth in one day. Not even kidding.

Don’t get me wrong, she has her moments, she is normal. She cries. But on the whole- the kid is soooooo easygoing. We call her a “gateway baby” and if you’re on the fence about embarking on this sort of venture- she will give you a good hard shove into the “have a whole passel of kids, they’re so fun!” camp.

BUT now she’s nearly two. And she is fully embracing that.

For example. Yesterday she wanted the scissors and a gluestick. I told her to just hang on a minute.

Tantrums aside, she has been showing quite the little independent streak. She mainly shows it through tantrums, but hey. She now insists on choosing her own clothes, her own socks, good lord she has to choose her own shoes. She refuses to wear a bib anymore, she even started refusing to sit in her highchair.

So she’s been recently upgraded to a big girl chair. Now that chair is a hot item and I have three small ones squabbling over who gets to sit in in next, buuuut that’s a whole different issue.


Anybody want to place bets on how long it takes until she gets a goose egg from falling out of the aforementioned new chair?

The good thing is- her tantrums are quick and short-lived (kind of like mine, actually). She flares up, is irate, and then recovers just as fast. Then something else will set her off and the whole thing repeats. I think it’s better than long lasting tantrums. At least I know she’ll be pleasant again momentarily.



Oh, little one. It’s a good thing you’re so doggone adorable.