Let’s talk for a second about hair. And what to do with it. Because if you saw me in middle/high school (or in my early 20s, when I never paid more than $15 per haircut including tip) (or, you know, today) you know I know feck all about hair.

One of my first thoughts when Fiona came out a girl was “Oh crap, now I have to learn how to do hair.” And I’ve pretty much perfected my pigtails on preschoolers look. I’ve started to dabble in braids. But now that Fiona’s hair is starting to get some serious length to it, it’s also started to get some body. The girl has the most killer bedhead I’ve ever seen. I feel like maybe if I knew more about hair and how to manage it, it might even get a bit of a curl to it? So. My wavy haired friends (and sisters. Especially Heather with that perfect perfect hair of yours.) I put it to you- how should I care for this?



Sorry, chickie. Here’s hoping we figure this out and you don’t end up battling this sort of bangs your entire life.


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