System reboot. 

Things I have done today: 

1. Got the 5month old his 4month vaccinations. 

2. Drove the hubs to work. 

3. Took 5 kids to playground for one hour. 

4. Took 5 kids out for donuts. 

5. Got glasses adjusted. 

6. Hardware store.

7. Grocery store. 

8. Lunch? Yeah, I’m pretty sure we had lunch. Want to say it was hot dogs. 

9. Fixed toilet. 

10. Finished planting garden. 

Things I have not done: 

Last night’s motherflipping dinner dishes/sushi takeout containers. Also those Mother’s Day flowers are real real dead. 

More soon, friends. As you may or may not know- I am now on drugs and my life is once again glamorous and fantastic. I will return to the blog soon, cross my heart. 
eta: Nice job mixing tenses, ya dingus. 

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