Nearly 26 weeks along now. I actually think I have not mentioned my pregnancy thus far in this particular forum. So, in case you weirdly found this blog alone and we aren’t friends on the Fbook- I’m preg! Surprise!

Anyways. Had an appointment with my midwife this morning. That’s right, midwife. Apparently even after the cloth diapering and the line drying and the homemade baby food making I still had a little more room to get even hippier. For baby number 3 we are going with a midwife, and on top of that- we’re planning a home birth. For somebody who only initially refused pain meds because there was a chance I would remain uninsured and therefore was trying to have the most cost effective birth experience possible, it’s a bit crazy. But I figure- my favorite things about childbirthing in ye olde hospital were 1. Being able to send my baby to the nursery to get some sleep. With my first I was all, oh bonding blah-di-blah and with my second I was all “Peace out chickie! See you when it’s time to nurse! It’s time for Mama’s hospital vacation” and apparently they don’t even give you that option here in Canada. At least not at the hospitals that friends of mine have given birth at. So, ok.

My other favorite thing- the food. Yes, I said the food. I will admit, I had some misses as far as the menu was concerned, but the choices were extensive and it was basically run on an on demand type of system. After I had Violet I had the power to order French toast like 4 times a day and I took full advantage. I have been led to believe that I will be severely disappointed in my culinary options at maternity wards here.

So for those ridiculous reasons (plus all that woman-empowery crap, of course) I decided to go for the at home deal. Cause I can have 24/7 French toast here too. The chef’s name is Nate. And I hear he’s amazing.

But back to my original reason for picking up my pen opening my WordPress app. At my appointment this morning, my midwife remarked that it was quite easy to feel how the baby was lying. Her assistant first suggested that it felt like I was further along than we believe me to be and I said, oh great. A huge head. Just what I was hoping for.

BUT then midwifey says it’s just easier to palpate baby’s position because of my low body fat and good ab muscles. Which, AHAHAHAHHAHAHAH but also, well played, my lady. I will certainly accept every ounce of flattery you can give me.

I do feel pretty good this pregnancy. I kind of packed on some significant poundage right away but it seems to be slowing up a bit which is good. Still running, I shoot for at least twice a week. Not huge distances or anything, but I did a 5k last weekend and finished in 34 and a half minutes, which put me squarely in the middle of the pack. Finished 101 overall out of 203 runners. So I’ll take that.


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