Baby soon. It’s really weird to think that it’s almost that time. I actually feel very calm about the whole becoming a family part. It’s just getting there that makes me nervous. I still don’t have a definitive answer on what exactly my insurance will be covering for Amanda, and I wish that all of that could be easier. We’ve got enough put away on the chance that insurance covers none of it, but even then, there are dozens of factors that would determine the final bill. I like dealing with fixed components for a challenge. I’m not so much a fan of this open-ended stuff. I feel like I’ve woken up at 4am to finish packing for a great vacation; I still have a million things to do in between now and the flight there, but I know that the vacation is going to be great. I just gotta get through the last bit of turmoil.

When you strip all of that away though, I am truly looking forward to this. Sure, there are going to be changes, and yeah, I might have to play Gears of War with headphones on. But dangit, this is going to be something great. I’m going to be a father.

And here’s where my wife smiles because I actually posted something!