Because of today’s snowstorm, my poor siblings in MA will have to have Saturday school in May.

But not here. Here is just means that Nate got to stay home until after lunch and that I have a perfectly good reason to never get out of my sweatpants the whole day cause hey! Snowday!

And because I’ve already used up the entire naptime window doing actual work, this entry is going to be a short photo series. Cause that’s all I’ve got time for. Maybe some captions, if you’re lucky.

With Daddy, the snow was great and exciting.

Decidedly less exciting with me.

She probably knew I would do something like this.

Or this.

I think it was about here that I realized she didn’t have any type of hand covering and that I’d definitely stuck her entire hand into the snow while forcing her to make a snow angel on the patio table.

Annnnd back inside before I could do any real, frostbitey, permanent damage.