It’s about that time again. The time when it’s about three weeks till my child’s birthday and I have yet to do a single bit of party preparation. Since Fiona will be 3 this year, (omfg, THREE YEARS OLD? WHAT?!?!?) and is able to give me some input, we had a little conversation.

Me: Hey Finn, what do you want to do for your birthday?
Fiona: A celebration!
Me: Okay. But what kind of party do you want to have?
Fiona: Um… With cake. And party hats. And our friends. For a celebration.

Annnnd there you have it, folks. That is what my almost-three-year-old wants to do for her birthday. No bouncy house, no clown, no excessively over the top anything. Just a celebration with friends, cake, and party hats. Done and done.

Oh, and with further prodding I got that she wants the cake to be purple. I think I can manage that.