Seasonal Laziness Disorder.

When a blog such as mine goes quiet for weeks (okay, over a month) at a time, you can assume one of two things. The first is that I am so busy living such an amazingly amazing life that I just simply can’t be bothered to detail it here for you chumps.

The second, and much more likely scenario, is that I have been making my slow slide into the seasonal blahs. I won’t go so far as to say depression, more just your run of the mill assault of Things to Do combined with approximately 37 minutes of daylight per day and also Cold. I can manage almost all the things, but the non-essentials tend to slide. Hence, blog silence. (Also, my “real” camera was out of commission for a bit as it got dropped on the floor at the airport back in September and had to be sent out for repairs, so I couldn’t even really rely on all-photo entries.) Also, we eat a lot of mac&cheese.

This picture kinda captures the essence of it, actually.


You’ve got a Happy Birthday banner (And yes, that’s been there since Violet’s birthday back in May), a string of flower lights that we hung up in the summertime, a jack-o-lantern, a paper turkey with some feathers falling off, and a Lego advent calendar. All on/around the kitchen table. Why limit yourself to one holiday when you can just decorate for all of them simultaneously? That’s how I roll, apparently.

Now don’t get me wrong, overall it’s been a good couple of months! We’ve been keeping busy, in between bouts of mystery fever (Violet), strep throat (Fiona), possible teething (Mikey), and general two-year-old-naughtiness (Bianca, obviously.) There have been birthday celebrations, dance classes, wedding anniversaries, major game releases, holiday concerts. Lots of icy walks to and from the bus stop.


I did complete my 12 races in 12 months challenge that I’d set for myself, with a 5k Santa Shuffle. I thought I was all festive in my santa hat and red/green stripey socks, until my friend showed up to pick me up and she was dressed as a full-on christmas tree! Way to show me up, Gill.12_races_in_12_months-10 I’m glad I followed through with it, but I have to be honest- I’d kind of hoped that the challenge would also help me develop a good running habit, which didn’t so much happen. In fact, the 3 races I ran in Oct/Nov/Dec have also been the only 3 times I’ve run in those months, period. Sooooo, maybe next year I’ll tweak my goals. Something to do with consistent non-race running.

This week will consist of serious amounts of G’ing SD, in preparation for our trip to Idaho next week. Yesterday I actually did an excellent job (for once) of getting all the laundry done and folded and actually put away, all on the same day! Sad that this is an exciting accomplishment in my life, but hey. As I overheard Fiona tell Violet this morning when she was upset about it not being her turn to open today’s Advent calendar door- Life is life. I think she meant it as like hey, you know, them’s the breaks.

Life is life.