In case any of you missed the news, we are currently working on BabyLaMartina version 2.0. Which is to say, I’m pregnant again.

We are officially in the second trimester, which means all the sickieness is pretty much gone (huzzah!) but I’ve still got food issues. This happened last time, too. People say, oh, you’re pregnant, eating for two, you must just be hungry all the time! Uhhhhh, not so much. Mostly I just don’t feel like eating. Even now that I’m not feeling queasy 24/7, most food is just unappetizing. So when I stumble upon something that sounds good, I tend to eat it every meal for like a week. I’ve been eating a lot of ham egg and cheese sandwiches. And baked potatoes. And turkey sandwiches. Annnnd thats pretty much my entire diet, right there. It’s got plenty of variety and nutrition, right? Shut up. It does. End of story.

The thing that sucks is that I tend to run out of things pretty quickly. The thing that DOESN’T suck is my hubs. Who will run to the store for me an embarrassing number of times. Like that time he ate up the end of the cheddar cheese and after my brief OHNOTHEREISNOCHEESEFORMYBAKEDPOTATO fit, he happily volunteered to run to the store to grab some more for me. Aww. What a sweetheart. But it gets better. Last night, we were talking about dinner, and I settled on my usual turkey sandwich. The trouble was- we were out of pickles. And I MUST have pickles on my sandwich. I’m very particular about sandwich construction. So my love ran to the grocery store to pick up some pickles, and he also got a couple other things we were running low on. Not only that, but he took the little chickadee with him. She loves to go to the store. And he gets mad compliments from everyone about how cute she is (especially when he carries her around in the little basket instead of getting a cart, which apparently happened last night). So they get home and YAY I have pickles and I can make my sandwich and then I realize- we have no more chips. And not only am I particular about my sandwich, I’m particular about the entire sandwich meal, including presentation and sides. And currently “my meal” consists of the sandwich (on a bulkie roll, cut in half), arranged on the plate with a small pile of baked Ruffles in the middle, sour cream and onion dip, the “tropical mix” of canned fruit (which is pineapples and papayas), and a drink. The drink is the only thing that varies. Sometimes water, sometimes milk, sometimes ginger ale. In any case, I am now distraught because a big piece of my meal (the chips) is now not available. I really did try to shake it off and prepare my dinner without them, but I guess I was kind of moping around? Cause Nate offered to head BACK out to the store to get my chips. This boy, I tell you what. He is the best.

Anyways. I’ve got to end here. I hear Nate and Fiona coming home from the store now… I hope he remembered to pick up milk…

This boy, I loves him.