Real Housewives of La Jacques-Cartier Regional County Municipality

Yeah, that title just has a certain je ne sais quoi to it, doesn’t it?


Anyways. There’s been a small amount of clamour for pics of our new digs. I’ve not yet really given in to them because I wanted to be like, fully moved in, and decorated, and really show off the new place in its best light. But let’s be real, by the time that happens there won’t be any children living here, annnnnd yeah. Today it was very sunny and bright, so the house looked pretty, plus I actually did tidy up pretty well last night before I went to bed, so I figured today is as good a time as any. So here it is. The official New House Tour.


I went outside for about 37 seconds  to try and get a pic of the view. He was not thrilled with me. Please note the reflection of the mountain of empty moving boxes stacked on the porch.

After that lovely display, I realized it was time for little man’s nap. And then I grabbed the camera and took these photos without disturbing any of the place’s natural charm.


The Entryway: A great place to kick off your boots, or to sit on the windowseat and sip a cup of coffee while waiting for the school bus to arrive.


The Dining Area: Has an amazing amount of bright light, and only at night does it feel like the inside of a display at a human zoo. You didn’t count wrong, there are not enough chairs for the entire family to sit down. I mean, we have them, they’re just in the kitchen rn.


Speaking of which, come on in.

The Kitchen: A small area, but has loads and loads of storage. One thing I failed to point out on the pictures was the pocket door separating the kitchen and dining area, but I freaking love that thing. Open concept kitchens are overrated, I am serious. I love my little door, I can close it while I make dinner and make the children stay out, or I can close it while we sit and eat and not look at the mess from dinner prep. Closed concept kitchens are where it’s at.


Now let’s go into the one room that actually looks pretty and Christmassy.

The Living Room: Probably the most-used room in the house, and home to my favorite pieces of furniture, my green chairs. On a nice day I will drag one or both of them out through one of those sets of French doors and sit on the deck with my coffee. So nice.


And here’s close-up of a nice little vignette we have arranged atop an antique radio. Usually there is a coffee cup or a measuring tape on here too, but it can be nice sometimes!


Next we have the Upstairs Bathroom: which has yes, a clawfoot soaker tub that is every kind of incredible. This room is actually the only one I’ve changed at all yet, I did the faux stained glass on the windows for privacy reasons. Next up I want to paint most of that blue white because it’s really just a lot of blue. There are also twice as many sinks as we need, but hey. Now we have it.


Across the hall from that is our cozy (read: small) Master Bedroom: This actually isn’t a fair representation of our room, as I really do make the bed like 90% of the time. It has awesome built-in storage, which more than makes up for the fact that the room was too small to fit our dresser.


There is one more room on the main floor, but I’m gonna save it for last. So let’s go downstairs, to the Family Room: This room is part reading area, part play area, part family area, and part Nate’s office. It needs some work, organizationally speaking, but it has lots of potential.


Also downstairs we have the Kids’ Bedrooms, (I only have a pic of the big girls’ room right now, because the aforementioned nap was still ongoing and I sure as hell wasn’t disturbing that just for a quick picture. I’ll add it in when I get a chance.)

The girls are really enjoying having their own beds, we have big plans to decorate the room, just nothing has materialized yet. Hopefully soon.


Across the hall from there is the Downstairs Bathroom: Which has an excellent shower with a ridiculous number of shower jets, it’s great even if the bathroom fan is like a billion years old and sounds like a jet engine taking off. There are things I want to do with this bathroom, but you know- it’s perfectly functional so it’s low on the priority list.


The last room downstairs is the Workshop: This is an excellent little space for projects, and it only sometimes smells like hockey equipment. There is also a nice big cedar closet off this room, where we store all the boxes of christmas crap and coats and boots that you saw strewn about in all the other pictures.


And let’s conclude our tour in the room that sold me on this house, my favorite room, the Sunroom: I’m still trying to decide what I want this room to be called, but on a sunny afternoon it is very sunny in here, so for now The Sunroom it is. I think I’m most excited for my plans in here, I want it to be part office, part art studio, part cozy reading area. Big plans. But first, good god do I need to paint. When the light pours in here in the afternoon it is like being inside of a piece of bubblicious bubble gum. And maybe if you like the color pink that sounds great to you, but I don’t. I really don’t. I got as far as buying paint last weekend, so here’s hoping I can rectify that situation post haste.


And that’s it. That’s the house tour.


See you next time, suckas.