Baby is finally sleeping. Poor thing’s had a rough day. Not only is she still sick, but she rolled off the couch this morning (I left her there for only 3 seconds, I swear! I thought she would be fine!) and then when she was asleep in her swing and I was making a sandwich I knocked a peach off the counter and it hit her right in the head. PLUS I had to suck the boogs out of her nose again. AND I had the nerve to try and give her a soothing vapor bath.

Baby: 0
Horrible Abusive Momma: 4

I did feel pretty bad about the couch thing. I mean, she was totally fine, but poor Nate nearly had a heart attack, he was so upset by the entire thing. He was on the phone dealing with the hospital billing people (who ARGH still are giving us crap about the bills from when we went to have baby, and I was trying to find a bill they sent us, which is why I left her there in the first place), and he RAN into the living room and was all “OHMIGODSHEFELLOFFTHECOUCH!!!!”

I ran in, saw that she was okay. She stopped crying the second we picked her up. Nate needed to sit down and breathe, he was so worked up. I mentioned to him that he would be a wreck the first time she falls down the stairs, and he looked up at me with this terrified look and says “that happens?”

Yeah. Especially if she is anything like me. Queen of falling UP the stairs. Duchess of the broken wrist. Empress of the separated over to the side pinkie toe. I’m living proof that you can get pretty banged up and still be generally okay.

The peach to the head was just funny. Especially since she was asleep in her swing and when the peach hit her she just kinda looked up at me like “What the hell, dude?”

This video is from before the horrific fall. And yes. We still have not put away the Christmas garland and lights on the mantle. We happen to enjoy the ambiance of the glowing lights, thankyouverymuch. Anyways, enjoy laughing baby. She likes stinky feet, apparently.