Moving day!

Just a little note to let everybody know that the blog has moved! Not far. Just over here to

That’s right. I done and got myself a legit web address. I think my hosting company thinks I’m going to be the next big thing in yogurt, though. They assigned me a Dedicated Web Advisor and everything. He even called me to chat on the actual phone. When he asked me what my goals were with my new website, I was just like, “Uhhh, to have it? I think I’ve pretty much accomplished what I set out to do.”

“You never know!” he replied. “Yogurt is very in right now, you might take over the internet!”

And then I was all “What? Why are you talking about yogurt? Oh. Right. The name of the blog. I forgot. Yeah, it has nothing to do with yogurt. Can we finish up here, my kid just took her pants off in the backyard.”

So. If you want to get notified via email or follow me via RSS or somesuch whenever I make a new post, you’ll have to redo your subscription. The links are there on the side/top. If you’ve got me bookmarked, update that shiz. You’re bright. You’ll figure it out.

If you only click when I post links on facebook, your life won’t change much, because you’re already reading this on the new site. Enjoy.

Also enjoy this picture of me in a suitcase. Because of the moving.