Meal Planning Can Bite Me.

I really really really really really reallllllly despise the chore of planning, buying, and preparing food for everyone. It’s just the absolute worst. So many steps between writing it on a list and scraping it into the trashcan after they don’t eat it. I do hate to complain about it, because really I’m stupidly fortunate to be able to have access to virtually endless culinary options. The problem is- I have virtually endless options.

So today as I sat down to attempt, yet again, to formulate a meal plan that doesn’t just say “noodles for the kids at 5pm, pizza for the grownups at 8:30”, I decided to enlist some help from my small people.

“Here, you guys. Quit making me crazy. Take this paper in the other room and make a grocery list for me. Anything you think we need to buy at the grocery store.”

You likely will not be surprised to learn that they were not entirely helpful. IMG_5422

Such a strong start. Annie’s, fruit cups, mini wheats. It started to go downhill with gummies and candy canes, and then just turned into a list of party supplies and bathroom humor.

But we persevered, and I was able to finally get a list. I don’t know why I stress over this so much, they seem pretty easy to please.


Strabaris and metballs for everyone!