Well, that’s that. Day one.

We woke up this morning at 7:00. Which is way earlier than we usually do. When I went into Fiona’s room and gently roused her, saying “Fiona, it’s time to get ready for kindergarten…” she instantly opened her eyes, sat straight up, and said “I’m so excited for the bus!” After a little breakfast and a little coloring (I find even a few minutes of “creative” time in the morning improves her behavior for the rest of the day so much that I’ve decided to start making a dedicated space for it in our daily routine) and a few seconds of photos, we headed down the street to the bus stop.


And my big 4 and a half (actually she’s more than that, but I’m gonna hold onto 4 for now) year old gave each of us a kiss and boarded the bus to kindergarten, without so much as a backward glance.


When I picked her up and asked what she learned today, she said “I learned French, mama! Bonjour! That means hello!”

Last night before bed, we were talking about school. She asked if she’d be having lunch at school, and I said no, she’d be home for lunch. She asked when does she get to have lunch at school. When I told her not until first grade, she sighed, and said “ohhh, I can’t wait for first grade!”

Slow it down, baby. You’re growing fast enough.

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