With all that’s happened, how have I not written more? Oh,right, I was busy doing all those things. In any case. July was crazygonuts. For realz. We moved into our new house the weekend of June 26th.

Gah. The spacebar on this laptop is turrible. Like, really bad.

We then spent the 4th of July weekend at Nate’s grandparents’ house in Pennsylvania. Uncle Nick and Auntie Kelsie both came up with us. It was very fun, except for the part where the baby decided to scream for the entire damn night until I told Nate I’d had enough and got up and walked out of the house and drove for like half an hour into nowheresville Amish country Pennsylvania before deciding that okay, I guess I should come back after all because that kid is awfully cute when she isnt screaming. But other than that, good weekend!

July also saw a visit from Auntie Kelsie, which was delightful. Kelsie is heading off to Ireland in the fall, she’ll be there for a year working with NET ministries, so wanted to make sure we got plenty of quality time in before she leaves. I am insanely jealous of the whole Ireland thing. I wish I could go.

Then the entire fam descended on our new house on their way to the beach in Topsail, North Carolina. It was a totally crazy day, but loads of fun. We hung around for another day, and then headed down to NC to join them at the beach. Holy CFL. What a fab time.

We were at the beach a week, then went home for one night before Fiona and I took off for MA and Nate headed for a hockey tournament in PA. Fi and I stayed at Auntie Manda’s house for a night, then went and stayed with Nan and PopPop. (We think those are their names. We’re still trying them out. I assume it will feel more natural when Fiona can actually say them…)

The reason for our trip to MA was another wedding. Manda and Joe got married on August 1st, and it was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day. I was matron (ugh) of honor, so we spent the entire week before the wedding in MA, some fo the time at Manda’s doing wedding prep type shizz and some of the time just hanging out with the fam. One morning we went to a Fancy Picnic at the library with the little girls. It was quite lovely.

Finally home like 2 weeks ago and we are still recovering. Schedule is just about back to “normal”, whatever that means, and I have finished all the unpacking from the trip and resumed unpacking from the move. We still have stupid amounts of boxes left to go through. Pro tip: Sort through your crap and get rid of stuff BEFORE you move.

OH! Also, wanted to report that last week Fiona had her 9month doctor visit, and she is doing fantastical, and continues to be a teensy little shrimp at 27inches (thats 25th percentile) and 15lb5oz (yeah, thats 5th percentile). But she is bigger than she was the last time we went in, so the doc said nothing to be concerned about, she’s perfectly healthy, she’s just little.

Oh, and I got a haircut earlier this week and its wonderful. It takes me three seconds to slap some mousse in it, add a little anti-frizz serum, and pin the bangs back with 2 bobbypins. I lurve it.

Annnnnd thats caught up. Pretty much. The short version. One day, I see this blog having entertaining, witty content. Maybe if I could keep up with the day-to-day recounts of events I’d actually have time to ponder and have thoughts as well… we’ll see. I make no promises.

Peace out, y’all.

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