Just awesome.

In my last post I wrote all about how “Yay I ran a half-marathon even though I wasn’t prepared but hey it still went well!”

Forget that nonsense.

Remember that foot pain I mentioned? How it kind of bothered me a little bit but I just ignored it and powered through the race and wow look how hardcore I am?

It hurt for like 5 days, and then felt fine and better. Then all of a sudden on Saturday morning it started hurting again. Now it hurts even more. And I’ve been told by my physical therapist friend that it looks to be plantar fasciitis. And to not run until its totally healed, and then some. Now I’m just barely hobbling around my damn house. Standing at the sink for 5 minutes to bathe the baby is excruciating.

This is yet another seriously depressing veggie in the crap stew that is my 2009.

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