June is bustin’ out all oooover.

I am kind of a mess right now. Nothing big, just your normal “holy crap my life is about to undergo some serious changes in the next couple weeks” type crisis. Because apparently the fact that I’m 38 weeks pregnant means that I will have to start taking care of a baby in a few weeks? WTF? Really? Again? How did this happen? (Don’t answer that.)


Add to that the fact that my oldest baby, my firstborn, is finishing up her final morning of kindergarten as I type. She’s getting so big! It’s okay that I never get my act together to do actual teacher gifts and just had her draw and write a nice thank you card, right? Teachers appreciate a hand-written note almost as much as a giftcard to starbucks, don’t they? (Please say yes and I didn’t just put myself on the shit parent list for our next round of kindergarten.)


My middle baby turned 4 and constantly tells everyone we meet how on her next birthday she will be five. She rides her bike down to the corner alone and she’s tall enough to ride the Ferris wheel at Ft. Edmonton Park because she is getting taller. She’s even on the growth chart! 3rd percentile, y’all!


Plus my current littlest just turned two and she can jump and she can ask for crackers and demand specific clothes and is old enough to count 1-2-3 and sit in a timeout for having an attitude. (Those last two maaaaay just be related.)



I had a bit of a mini-meltdown on her birthday. (But managed to avoid crying in Save-on Foods like a big weirdo, hurrah for complete moderate minimal control over pregnancy hormones!) I ran out at like 5pm to buy stuff for dinner because of course I didn’t plan ahead. It’s only her birthday. But I ran out to grab food for dinner and maybe some cake mix, but once I was at the store I realized that I wasn’t going to have enough time to even make cupcakes. So I picked up a cake at the bakery. No big deal, right? I nearly lost it. I must be such a terrible terrible excuse for a mother if I can’t even handle making cupcakes for my baby, right? I am serious, these were my thoughts. Never mind that she’s TWO, and really could not care any less. I could have stuck a candle in a piece of bread with cinnamon sugar on it and she would have been happy to have us sing to her. And don’t you dare try to blame this on Pinterest. This is just run of the mill me being ridiculous. We didn’t have a party because I didn’t feel like planning and executing a party. And she still turned two and she’s adorable and everything is juuuuuust fine.


That Happy Birthday banner has totally been there since Violet’s birthday in mid-May. I did blow up new balloons for the sides though. Because you know, fairness.


Seriously, look how happy she is just because we found a ladybug on our walk. You think she gives two grapes who made her birthday cake?


We have to sell my car and buy a bigger one. I like my car. I don’t want to get rid of it, but they tell me that there is no safe way (or unsafe way, really) to install a fourth car seat in an Aveo. Apparently. I have known this was coming, obviously, but we’ve successfully ignored it up until this point. And now I won’t be able to be all cool and drive stick in my hatchback anymore. Sad face.


Pour one out for my compact car days. They is over. Also, is my non-minivan cool completely negated by the fact that in this picture I’m wearing sunglasses OVER my regular glasses?

I have approximately 97thousand things on my to-do list that I have to complete before the baby gets here. In case you forgot, that is now happening in less time than it takes for a gallon of milk to go bad. When you’re picking up dairy products with expiration dates after your due date, you KNOW shit’s about to get real up in here. And I have about zero desire to do any of those aforementioned 97 thousand things. It would require so much energy that I just do not have.

And now it’s summer, supposedly. I feel like this summer is taking FOREVER to get started, and somehow simultaneously is almost over. We’ve yet to have a single sunburn and there are snowsuits out in the stores already. What gives? Now that Fiona’s done with school, and once the baby arrives and forces us to enter into a slower mode, I’m hoping it will start to feel more summery. Because right now it does not. It is not fair. Summer is supposed to be amazing. Or maybe I’m just trying too hard?

GAHHHHHHH. My head is just messy and I’m all-



Maybe I’ll just go drink some raspberry leaf tea and sort some baby clothes and let the girls have unlimited screen time today. Unlimited screen time kind of makes me feel like a bad parent, but some days it’s just all I can handle. And that’s the worrrrrd on the street.

Any guesses what’s on tv right now?