It is so cold out.
See? Not making it up. That’s really freaking cold. And in case you’re trying to do the Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion? Don’t bother. Because -40 is minus 40 is -40. That’s where the scales intersect. It’s cold.
So today we stayed in. We baked.

And before you start thinking my blog is turning into one of those shiny ones… Here’s the part I hadn’t yet taken out of the oven.

Yeah… That cranberry bread is a little… mauled. It really did not look done yet. But apparently it was more than done on the bottom, because I had to yank it out of the pan and it did not turn out well.

Anyways. It still tastes fantastic. Lemon Cranberry Bread with a lemon glaze…. so good. It’s cake, posing as bread. But yeah, I’m hoping next time I don’t let it get so overdone.