Here comes the sun.

I know things have been a little boring up in here lately. Organization is all well and good (and there is more forthcoming, I am just taking the slow boat version of the 31-day purge) , but it’s not really page-turning (scrolling?) material. There are reasons for that. I’ve spent much of the past few months preoccupied with some things that aren’t yet bloggable (I should add in here that I am 100% not pregnant, so you can shut that rumor down before it starts, Mom.) and so that’s part of the reason for the recent blog snooze fest.

The other reason is- this winter sucked, man. I’m fairly sure I was actually depressed this year. I realized the other day that I’ve taken about a third as many photographs this Jan-Feb-March as I did at the same time last year, and a full half of those photos were taken in the last week. This means we aren’t doing much that’s all that interesting or worth recording. Lots of sleeping. Lots of Netflix. Lots of feeling really really lame. Lots of not being able to notice or appreciate the little moments that I’m usually so good at. Lots of just barely pulling it together.

But now it’s mid-March. And thank the lord, it’s looking like Spring. It’s still that horribly early Spring, the part where the sun is out and the snow is melting, but nothing is growing yet. It’s all just dead moldy grass and dogshit. Which is kind of apropos for where I’m at emotionally, too. I can see that things are letting up, the clouds are parting and the ice is melting, to reveal all the shit that’s just been piling up underneath. So it’s been a messy time. And in all likelihood, it’s going to a snow a few more times before we get through it.

But Spring is coming.


We’re going to make it through.