Jumping right back in with a real post. No apologies for my absence, it’s been a busy couple months. I’ve got a thousand (actually, probably more than that) pictures to go through and edit and share, but for now let’s just start fresh at Halloween.

Fiona has been saying for MONTHS that she wanted to be Word Girl. Well, there was that week that she wanted to be IronMan, and then those few different times she begged me to make her be Zelda so Daddy could be Link… but she kept coming back to Word Girl. And so, two days before Halloween (and one day before her preschool’s costume day) I started pulling together her costume. Hit up the consignment store for some red sweats and boots, fabric store for cape material, voila. Word Girl. I also had to accessorize, which in this case meant making a Halloween costume for Fiona’s Curious George. You see, Word Girl has a sidekick. He is a monkey named Bob, and his superhero name is Captain Huggyface. Girl’s gotta have her sidekick.

At first I was going to make a dinosaur costume for Violet. But then because I had to make so much of Fiona’s costume, and because all the costumes at the consignment store were 50% off, I went ahead and just picked up a butterfly for Violet instead, because she had no set preference for a costume. She loved her butterfly. And it was warm.

Now for Bianca- I didn’t plan anything for her, I kind of figured I’d look in the dress-up box at old costumes the girls had worn as babies and just grab something on our way out the door to the trick-or-treating at Nate’s office. Then I saw this one idea on Pinterest that looked pretty simple to make. But then as I began to assemble that, inspiration struck and in that hour and a half before we left to meet Nate at work I worked the glue gun and transfer paper and with my mad felt skillz along with the sacrifice of one tan pillowcase, I pulled together a frappucino costume for her. I of course have one of my old aprons from Starbucks in our dress-up bin (don’t tell corporate), so I had a costume as well. It’s probably my most favorite baby costume ever.

Yes. It was as cold as that looks. Poor kid was truly iced coffee.

Um, not sure if y’all realized this, but there is an entire bowl full of candy RIGHT HERE. Why did you make us go out and beg in the snow?

In closing, the kids will be hopped up on sugar for the next couple days, at which point I will declare that all the candy is gone, and hide the rest in a ziploc bag in some yet-to-be-determined location, to be eaten by yours truly.

When I say hopped up, I mean hopped up. I found them putting Sour Patch Kids in their oatmeal this morning. Gross.

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