Gone to Carolina

There are so many pictures from our trip. So many. And so I’m slogging through them, bit by bit. I realize that the readership that is interested in our family vacation photos is pretty much limited to those that are in them, but I guess I should post some anyhow. I’ve managed to get through the first half of our trip- the beach half.

When we first arrived in the States, we headed straight for our dear friends’ house, where we spent a lovely couple of days mowing their multi-acre yard. Seriously- so much space. We also picked some delicious food from their amazing garden, hung out and grilled out and chilled out. It was good times.


From there we headed to Nag’s Head, where we spent the week enjoying perfect weather and tons of family time. The favorites were the pool, the beach, and the many kinds of candy and snacks that Fiona just told me yesterday that Mama and Papa would sneak her when I wasn’t looking.


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And yes. That’s my husband doing a major bellyflop into the pool. He did it like 4 times, to make sure I got a good shot of it.

Then of course there was the beach. Oh, the beach. Oh how I love the beach. Fiona and Violet loved playing in the waves, but Bianca much preferred staying on the sand.

vacation-07Maybe next year she’ll brave the surf.

(Vermont wedding and Massachusetts visit pics coming soon, I promise!)

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