After literally years of talking about it, we finally did it. We drove down from Edmonton and two sisters and one brother-in-law and one nephew drove up from Denver and we met in Montana and we went camping. Yeah, it wasn’t real camping because we slept in a cabin and there were flush toilets and hot showers just a short walk down the path, and so maybe our cabin was right next to what was essentially an RV parking lot, and there were enough shops just minutes away that it was okay that I brought the wrong kind of sausage and we forgot trash bags.

You could see mountains, and we were just a few minutes’ drive from the entrance to Glacier National Park, which we drove through one day and hiked in another. We cooked our meals outside. We slept on lumpy camp mattresses and all our clothes smelled like campfire smoke. We had zero cell service (well, most of us. Natalie had some, so Verizon ftw, I guess.) so it forced us to unplug and be present and holy shit, was that ever awesome. So it was camping-ish.

And it was so amazing. Can’t wait for next year.

glacier-01 glacier-02 glacier-03 glacier-04

Maybe we’ll even advance to sleeping in tents.