Gallery. With a little push from the peanut gallery.

So, I’ve been talking about creating an art gallery wall for some of the kids’ work for AGES. Like, a really long time. I’ve looked at so many pins. Browsed so many blogs. I’ve even laid some of the groundwork, like buying little clips from IKEA, and getting a boatload of old frames from the flea market, but beyond that I am all talk.

Until today. When Fiona decided she’d had it with waiting for me to get my slow-moving act together. She got out her sketchpad and her markers, and she made a few new pieces of artwork. She got out the scotch tape, taped those babies to the wall, and asked me how to spell “art gallery”. Then she made a sign (complete with arrow to point you in the right direction) and taped that up as well. The girl was through with waiting.


And so I decided it was high time to make this idea a reality.

We did have one nail hung in that wall already, from that time I got sick of our one printed out family portrait leaning against the wall and picked a random spot for it. So I threw one of my flea market frames up there, and had Fiona hold another, and took a picture for reference. Then it was off to photoshop. Because that’s where pretty much all decor projects begin.


I selected and copied and pasted and transformed for a while before I decided that that’s as close as I could come without seeing the actual frames in the actual space.

And so.


It’s a very temporary setup, all done hastily with little nails and not properly with anchors and such. But that’s why I have Nate around. He’ll fix it for me. I’m just an ideas man(da). I’m pretty pleased with myself. Needs a little tweaking, and obviously more art/photos, but is miles better than all these frames sitting in a stack in the corner of my bedroom.

But uhhhh Nate? Don’t ask how I hung that family photo. Just… don’t ask. And know that our children come by their propensity to climb things quite honestly.

Annnnnd let’s see that beautiful before and after-