From the land of Sweden.

We have returned. We visited Sweden. Or, IKEA. It’s basically the same thing, right? Cheap furniture and way cool setups of rooms that you never really quite can accomplish at home because at home you actually, you know, live there.

But. Our journey actually started on Tuesday, when I took the girls out to IKEA by myself because, you know. That’s smart thinking. I knew we weren’t going to buy anything, I knew it was a PURELY BROWSING TRIP, NATHAN but we had a day with no plans I kinda felt like having meatballs and lingonberry sauce for lunch, so hey. Fiona spent like… an hour? climbing around on all the different toddler/kid beds, playing in all the little room setups… it was fun. We had a good time.

But today we took the Jeep cause it was a day to buy. Took quite a bit of deliberation, cuase Nate and I kept changing our minds about which bed we wanted to go with (Nate kept trying to foist the decision off onto Fiona, who was all “Whatevs, y’all. I’ll just be over in this little room tearing all the things out of this dresser. Peace.”) but we finally decided on one, then waited in line for a BILLION YEARS to get lunch (Free kids meal! Score! I never even buy her one because she never eats it! But that meant more meatballs PLUS a side of veggies for me!) (Obviously really excited about that.) (The veggies were actually really really good. Steamed to perfection. Just beautiful. And free!) then navigated the downstairs portion of the store (“Oooh, Nate, remember how I said I needed a lamp for my desk in the office? Oh, and one of our black cereal bowls broke so we need to pick up another one of those. And we need picture frames for those prints I just got made up… and wouldn’t it be nice to have cushions on those chairs out on the deck? And we can’t forget…” I don’t know what else. Even I lost track at that point.) and made it out of the store. And for under $200, at that. I was pleased beyond compare.

So after dinner tonight we set up the bed. This is actually our third day of naps/nighttime outside of the crib, I just dismantled the crib and dropped the mattress down to the floor because that whole “BAM- waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” kind of made me nervous that the next time it happened she’d like land on her spine and be paralyzed for life and never be an Olympic gymnast or something. Contemplated getting one of those crib tents, but then decided against it because… well, no real reason actually. Other than those toddler beds at IKEA being so damn cute. Did a quick toddler-proofing of the room, took care of all the glaringly obvious safety hazards. I assume that Fiona will quickly point out to me all unsafe/unsecured items I may have missed, presumably by climbing/throwing/dumping them.

But now the bed’s all set up, and I’m not gonna lie. It’s been taking her considerably longer to fall asleep now that she’s tasted the sweet sweet freedom that is knocking politely on the door and saying “Daddy? Daddy? Daddy?…. Mama?…. Hello! Hello! Helloooooooo?!?!”

She once she finally does fall asleep, she’s been pretty good (knock on wood) about staying that way. The first night was pretty rough, and we are by no mean out of the woods yet, but it’s a start. I just want her to be comfortable sleeping in her big girl bed before we move, whenever that ends up being. (Oh yeah, we’re moving. Like, a BIG move. More on that once I get ANY DAMN INFORMATION WHATSOEVER.)

Poor kid. She’s knocking on the door again. Crying this time. Breaking my heart. I have to keep reminding myself that she is a flipping DRAMZ KWEEN and will only cry if she thinks I am listening, and if I leave her she will quietly go back across the room and climb into bed and read a George book like the good little child she really is. And yes. I left my netbook in there and I am watching her from here in the office on google videochat.

And then there’s poor little overlooked Violet. Who whimpered a bit at bedtime, but I nursed her and rocked her and set her down in the cradle in our room and now she’s completely zonked out, for the next few hours at least.

I feel kinda bad. The majority of these entries continue to be about Fiona. I’ll do a Violet one soon. She rolled over last week! Back to tummy! That’s not too shabby for a 3-month-old, I’d say! And there is some kinda something happening beneath that girl’s gums, because she CHOMPS like there is no tomorrow. Updates on these exciting developments coming soon.

I jest be chillin’. Relaxin’.

Fiona has as much a chance at understanding IKEA directions as we do. Yay for pictures!

Helping/hindering Daddy during bed construction.

All set for bed.

We ended up not buying the mattress that was actually the correct size for the bed, we decided to just use her crib mattress, which is the same width but a bit shorter in length… but then we got it all set up and realized that these little green boxes that we already had in the room fit PERFECTLY at the foot of the bed. So, I’m pretty much in love with the way that worked out.


One last story with Daddy and BabyBye and Popper

Make no mistake. This child is a good two hours away from falling asleep. You can see it in her eyes.

Aaaaaaaaand we’ve reached the fake crying portion of the night. We’re getting to the falling asleep part soon, folks. I hope…