Floors et Fleurs- The January Cure

While clicking around the Internets the other day, I came across something called The January Cure on Apartment Therapy. Now, you know me, I’m a sucker for somebody telling me which housework I should tackle when, because I am just plain bad at being in charge of all that myself (Mom, send me a joblist, STAT).

New Year’s resolutions generally fail by mid-January, but I figure, this plan only asks for a one-month commitment, and they only count weekdays, so it’s really only 21 assignments. I can probably do that much?

So I signed up, even though it was already the 4th and I was starting out late. I mean, starting late is basically my personal motto.

The first part of assignment #1 was to buy flowers with which to immediately pretty up your living space. Which I will do whenever I get out to the store. Tomorrow? Maybe? Maybe Thursday, once I get the elder half of my children back out the door to school.

The second part of assignment #1 was to wash all your floors. Like, all of them. This was actually last Friday’s assignment, and the idea was that you had Friday+the weekend to complete it. Sooooo I don’t feel so bad that I only managed about a third of the house. But still- that’s like infinity% more floors than I usually clean, so I’ve decided to feel good about today.

I’ll work more on catching up tomorrow.IMG_5416


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