Epic Fail.

It’s a really good thing that this isn’t like a real blog, one with followers and sponsors and crap like that. Cause I’d be so fired by now.

It is, however, supposed to be a great place to keep everyone caught up on the goings on in our household. Lately, however, I’ve been too preoccupied with actually going on to bother chronicling everything. So here’s your recap of the past month.

Since the last time you heard from me, the following things have happened-

– I went to the podiatrist and she confirmed that yes, I had overstressed myself right into plantar fasciitis, and to take it easy for awhile.
– Fiona was baptized (huzzah, she’s no longer a little heathen baby!) and we had a MASSIVE family party with guests from 5 different states. Note to self: get more chairs.
– Auntie Chrissy stayed with us for a week. We ate cake every day for breakfast, so it was a pretty good week.
– We drove up to MA the following weekend for a hectic, sacrament-filled couple of days. Nate and I became godparents to my cousin Isabella on Saturday, and then Mickey and Natalie both got confirmed on Sunday. That’s three sacrament parties within a week. Which is, as it turns out, a LOT of cake.

– Somewhere in there we found out that our landlady sold her house to avoid foreclosure, and that she would be needing to move into the house we currently live in. So we started to look for a new place.
– Babygirl got two more teeth! Now she’s got four!
– The mobility level of this child has just EXPLODED. She doesn’t quite have the concept of crawling on only her hands and knees, but that DOES.NOT. slow her down. She moves around incredibly fast, and she pulls herself up on things- the bars of the crib (we’ve had to put the mattress to the lowest setting for fear that she would launch herself out over the railings), the couch, a laundry basket, the coffee table (which really doesn’t work all that well- she bangs her head a lot), and of course, on the boxes that are everywhere in the house right now because

– We found a new place to live, we’ll be moving this coming Friday. It’s a little further from Nate’s work, which is a bummer, but its really not that far. Only 5 miles. It’s in a nice neighborhood, one I know well actually. I used to live there with roommates in a townhouse in the same developement. We’ll have access to the community pool, there are several playgrounds, a couple lakes with jogging paths around them… its going to be good. I will post pics of the new place just as soon as I can.
– On a sad note: I found out that my drama teacher from high school passed away suddenly last weekend. It was completely unexpected and really shook me up more than I expected. Drama was a HUGE part of my life during high school, and the people involved in that, especially the teachers who supported and believed in me (even if I was only cast for my physical ability to play a 9-year-old) really shaped, in a big way, the person I am today. Doug was the kind of person that was larger than life, and one of those people that you just expect to be there for always, like as a part of the auditorium. Hearing he was gone hit me really hard, even though it’s been years since I’ve seen or talked to him (outside of facebook, of course…) and I just really regret that I never told him how much he impacted my life just by doing his job as a teacher and a director.

– We attended (and I was a bridesmaid in!) a wedding. My dear dear friend Katie Walker (the original Katie Walker) has gone and changed her last name and it was a beautiful day.

– Fiona had her first pedicure. A girl’s gotta look glam for a wedding.

– We celebrated Father’s Day… started out with breakfast in bed, and Fiona had picked out a fabulous new watch for her daddy. She’s got great taste, if I do say so myself. We basically just chilled out around the house all day, which was wonderfully relaxing. And very needed, as we head into this week of what will most likely be a hectic mix of packing and getting distracted.

That about brings us up to speed. I sort of regret not being better at this, I am missing all the little things, and those are the ones that I am going to forget. But today is Monday, and Mondays are for starting fresh.

So. Here’s an entry. I will do my utmost to squeeze in at least one more before we pack up my computer and turn off the internet access.

ps. We’ve got tickets to the Sox/Nationals games on both tomorrow and Wednesday nights!!! I’m so stoked! Babygirl gets to attend her first MLB game!!!!!!!!!

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