Down but not out

Sunday morning we got up on time. We got out of bed on time. We happily started getting ready for church, hoping hoping HOPING to actually make it on time for once. I dressed the baby, picked out a cute sundress with leggings for myself, then decided that it was a little too chilly for the sundress alone, so I bent down to grab a sweater (out of the ridiculously out of control pile of clean/semi-clean clothes on the bedroom floor) and bam. Shooting horrific pain exploding all over my entire, but especially lower, back. It dropped me to my knees, and I nearly burst into tears as I called Nate to “come help me, quick! My back went out!”

And so, we didn’t make it to church at all. Nate managed to somehow cart my pregnant ass over to the bed and get me all situated. I’m not gonna lie, I was in some serious pain any time I tried to move any muscle at all… so I spent Sunday in bed. Monday I felt a bit better, but still needed to take it easy, so my amazing husband took the day off from work so that he could take care of Fi and I could stay in bed another day. (He did offer by saying he would “do all the maid work, like cleaning the kitchen and putting away the laundry and taking care of the baby”, which made me ask if he had just called me a maid, and he quickly backpedaled and tried to pull his foot out of his mouth real quick… but it was all good.)

Now here it is Wednesday, I’m feeling much better, but by the mid-afternoon my back is still pretty much done. Had a slight pregnant freak-out moment this afternoon… concerning what one of my favorite bloggers has termed the “pregnancy fluids of mystery.” After a google-induced worry-fest of an afternoon, Nate convinced me to give my doctor a call. I did, and they had me come on in, and turns out that no, I was not in fact leaking any amniotic fluid. It’s totally normal to be just that gross. The doctor nicely lied to me and told me they’d always rather I come and have it be nothing than the other way around, and no, I wasn’t “that patient” just because of this and because I called the doctor on call over the weekend asking if maybe there was more I could do for my back than tylenol and rest?

Anyways. Everything continues to look fine, baby-wise, and I still have to go in for my regular visit next week. I’m officially 36 weeks today, so at this point any time I go into labor is fine, but ugh. You know it’s gonna be a najillion years till that happens.

The child will. not. get. out. of. my. ribcage. Also, is causing horrific amounts of heartburn that no amount of Tums will cure. We had big plans to make real dinner tonight, (on the grill, even!) but as usual, all I feel like I can handle eating is a bowl of cereal. So once again, Nate’s doing dinner for himself and the chickie. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel up to eating.