Déjà vu.

Remember last year, when it was January and I was all gung-ho about cleaning and organizing my office/craft supply storage area? Everything was neat and tidy, and I was going to get shelves and baskets and all kinds of loveliness? And I then just like never updated to let you know that it was done?

Bwahahahahaha. Who guessed that it would look like this (still, again, whatever) a year later?


It doesn’t usually look like this. Usually there is MUCH more laundry (all the laundry is in my room at the moment) and usually that enormous spill of crap is tucked tidily inside the closet, but yesterday I was looking for freezer paper so I could make shirts for the Superbowl and uhhh yeah. This happened.

So now I’m embarking on a pinning spree to gather ideas on organization. A-gain. Fingers crossed that it translates into actual organizing this time?

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