Bouncing back.

It’s a big DUH, I’m aware. The hubs told me a thousand times if he told me once, YES OKAY I CONCEDE TO THE I TOLD YOU SO.

When I run regularly, when I get adequate sleep, when I pay attention to myself as a person, I feel better. 

No shit, Sherlock, I know you’re probably thinking. But you guys. Back me up, when you’re feeling like total crap all the time, and you’re tired and it’s minus a billion degrees and there isn’t any sunlight and your clothes don’t even fit so you just wear pajamas all day erry day, and so who cares if you only shower twice a week, it’s next to impossible to remember that, isn’t it? Right?

In any case. Spring is here. Winter is kicked to the proverbial curb. Might it snap cold again? Yeah. TOtally within the realm of possibility. Ain’t no winter coats being packed away here until it’s solidly June. But it’s Spring.

And I’ve begun running, a few times a week, with a friend from my neighborhood. I’ve always been primarily a solo runner, with company for races. And I always enjoyed races- the chit-chat, the small hit of friendly competition, the shared longing for red lights at cross streets. So why the hell have I waited until now to find a regular day running friend here? I guess I just still haven’t gotten over moving away from my Burke Lake friends. (sad face.)

But I digress.

SO we’ve been running, and it’s been wonderful for me. In addition, I started drinking more water, I watch less Netflix, I drink my coffee outside on the back deck, and yesterday I got up an hour before I needed to, just to be awake in the morning, before I have to start in on the hairbrush/breakfast/shoes battle. NEWSFLASH: I’m a morning person and getting up earlier gives me more energy.

(It also helps that the baby has started sleeping in his own crib for the majority of the night, and I get actual sleep instead of the weird half-awake all night boob-fest that constituted most of the last 9 months)

Life is starting to look good again, my friends. Real good.

Also, the neighbor kids have a trampoline.

bouncing_back-01 bouncing_back-02 bouncing_back-03

It’s all going to be okay.

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