Best Laid Plans (and all that.)

When we first decided that we were moving, I envisioned a whole wealth of blog posts I could do. Posts about how you tell your kids you are moving across the country to a province with a different language. Posts about packing tips, and really great goodbyes to all the places and friends that we’ve come to know and love. Posts about how heartbreaking it was to part with certain baby items, and more pondering on why I get so attached to stuff and how hard it is to wrap your head around the fact that you’re moving when you’re mostly just waiting around because the company is paying to have all your stuff boxed up for you (thanks, Ubi!). Not to mention all the end-of-school-year rigamarole! Mikey was baptised! Bianca turned 3! Fiona played soccer! Violet finished preschool! We met Elsa and Anna! Dance recital! Going to the river to play totally spontaneously! Canada Day! Color Me Rad! I seriously had several of these sketched out in my head, at various times, mostly while I was in the shower. Buuuuuut big shocker. I got busy doing all those things, and feeling all those feels, and when I took a look at what could be cut? Bloggage was first on the chopping block.

Which brings us to tonight. One day into our 3-day packing and moving ordeal. It’s 1:34am, and I just finished packing our duffel bags full of the things that will be staying with us on our trek across the country. I have maybe another hour’s worth of stuff to get done tonight, and then a couple hours worth to do tomorrow morning before the movers arrive at 9am. Nate is off living the high life, doing secret fun things in Quebec with his new employer. He won’t even tell me all the stuff they’re doing, it’s that secret! I cannot wait to see the video, and yes, I’m wicked jealous. I’m aware that I’m a pret-ty kickass wife, but I’m not a SAINT. But aside from a few minor meltdowns, (and okay, like 1 or 2 big ones) things have actually been okay this week. At this point it’s got a life of its own, and I am along for the sleep-deprived ride. I’m just glad I managed to kick that strep throat that I had over the weekend. Cause that would really have sucked.

After this I won’t have my computer until we are in our house (!) and all moved in, but I plan on updating periodically anyways, there just will be way less pictures than you’ve maybe grown accustomed to expect from me. I’m sure I’ll be blowing up the IG whenever we’ve got wifi.

But you guys! Look what happened this weekend! Bahhhhhhh my baby is (almost) 1!mikey_is_one-01

Which reminds me… I really need to update the banner up in this piece. Those pics are from Bianca’s first birthday. Oops.