Back to real life. Sort of.

Well, we have gone back to semi-real life. Hopefully things will continue to normalize, because at this point I am still staying up waaaaay too late, and staying in bed in the mornings till an embarrassingly late hour. Nate’s been back to work for a week, and he is much missed here at home.

Fiona and I are still adjusting to each other. Sometimes I feel like I am babysitting, and then I have to remind myself that no, she is actually mine for good. I can’t believe how much bigger she is already. She’s almost a month old already! Hard to believe, especially when you compare it to how friggin LONG the final month of being pregnant seemed.

Today babygirl is being a clingy little koala baby. Every time I try to set her down in her cradle she wakes up INSTANTLY. Which is not cool, cause I’ve been trying to get this place straightened up and finish folding all the laundry and get packed. We leave first thing tomorrow morning for Massachusetts. We are going up for Thanksgiving, and also for Emily’s baptism.

And of course, a few new pictures.