WARNING: This post is going to be kind of cheesy and sappy.

Today has been excellent thus far. Woke up this morning with Nate, baby also woke in a good mood… she chilled in her cradle while I made Nate’s lunch. He headed off to work. Fiona was still in such a good little mood that I decided to go ahead and pop in a workout DVD. (Definitely have not gotten back into shape yet. I went running exactly once, I did one mile. I need to kick it into high gear if I’m going to be ready to do a half-marathon in May.)

But anyways. Threw in the DVD (it was some post-pregnancy one that I got from the library- I won’t be repeating it. I don’t have the coordination required for all those jazzercize moves), and started Jazzercizing. (seriously. I have no coordination. If you’ve ever seen me play DDR you know what i mean.) Baby was happy in her cradle, I had to pause several times to wind up her mobile, but all in all she was happy. As I got to the end of the workout, I notice that her eyes were sort of fluttering closed.

Could it be? Was she about to fall asleep on her own? Without being held, or being fed, or being in the swing or carseat? Really?

And she did. And as I jumped into the shower, I thought that her falling asleep solo would be the highlight of my day.

Then she woke up from her nap. And as I was changing her diaper, she laughed. And I’m not talking the little like one sound gurgle that she’s made a few times before. I mean full on, BUSTED OUT LAUGHING. Holy CRAP I’ve never heard anything so cute before. I don’t know if she was remembering my Jazzercize moves or what, but MAN. So cute.

And then she ate again, and we read some books, and had some tummy time, and ate again… and since by then it was naptime again, I decided to go for broke and try putting her down in the cradle again. And she fell asleep in there AGAIN! Twice in one day!!!

So today has been awesome thus far. I am having fun with her, I am getting stuff done… I hope this continues, because man. This is great.