A list of things I have not done, and one that I did do.

As of 2pm, a list of things I have not done today:

  • Shower
  • Make my bed
  • Put on a bra
  • Switch the laundry load
  • Fold any laundry
  • Finish my first cup of coffee
  • Eat breakfast
  • Actually, feed anyone any proper meals. (I mean, they’ve got access to dry cereal and drinkable yogurts and cheese sticks and fruit on fruit on fruit, they’re good)
  • Finish up last night’s dinner dishes
  • Do any of my actual regular things I need to do.


I made this dope-ass console table, sooooooo… WINNING!


Any suggestions on how I should finish it? I was thinking of using a stain, but now I’m leaning toward some kind of brightly colored paint…

(Oh and hey guys, can we agree to ignore the fact that I’ve been MIA for over a month? It’s been a rough winter. I’m really hoping to come out of it soon. I went for a run last week, I think that means I’m turning a corner. But no promises.)