Let’s pick up with the vacation photos, shall we? The biggest event of our trip was of course, my little sister’s wedding. After a ridiculously long drive, we arrived in Vermont just in time for the rehearsal. And rehearse they did, until all six of those flower girls knew what was up.


The next morning, the house was abuzz with wedding prep. Hair doing, nail painting, cupcake arranging, driving 45 minutes to the closest Walmart on a dirt road because it was under construction and nobody bothered to tell me before I left I mean COME ON, GUYS prep.


Then was the actual wedding, which was beautiful and meaningful and I didn’t take a single picture of because I was too busy trying to herd flower girls. Kelsie and Kori were married, and it was time to party.

But first it was time to take some flower girl portraits while the wedding party was off with the real wedding photographers, taking portraits in rivers and such like models. As you can imagine, my entire wedding experience was very flower-girl centric since I was one of the two official flower-girl-producers. I can’t complain. Those stinkers are a blast.


The sheer levels of adorability reached by those six in their ballerina tutus was so worth the fine layer of gold glitter that still covers my entire office. Thank yous are in order here for providing me with a great tutorial on how to make the skirts. No thanks go here, because man some people really let the tulle get away from them.


And then it was time to party. Much dancing. Much singing. Much power outaging due to the coffee-maker pulling an unexpected amount of amperage. But nothing stops this party! This was a Grimes wedding, and we come to DANCE.



Nicely done, you two. A wonderful day to celebrate a wonderful couple. I’m so happy for you both, you crazy Vermonters.


Next up: The rest of the wedding weekend festivities. There was just too much for one post!