A new year. A new start.

Or, maybe just more of the same. I kind of half-decided I want to attempt a 365project this year, in order to continuously push myself to become a better photographer. But it’s already the 7th and I sort of haven’t shot anything yet. Hardly an auspicious beginning.

Also, I have yet to decide on any concrete resolutions. Again, it doesn’t bode well for my stick-to-it-ive-ness if it takes me more than a week to even MAKE my resolutions. I guess if I can manage to flounder through another year and keep myself and my children alive, I’ll take it as a win?

Today I made my bed. That’s good. And cleaned off my desk. A MAJOR accomplishment. Maybe by the time the weekend is out I’ll manage grocery shopping? I did a pretty good job clearing out all the food in the house before our trip, which means our meals since we got back two days ago have been… odd, to say the least. Today for lunch we had hot dogs wrapped in tortillas. With peas on the side. I have a feeling we will have to have something delivered for dinner. Again.

Here’s to making it through another day!