Today Fiona had a birthday party to attend. ‘Twas my favorite kind of birthday party, being both a “drop so-and-so off” and a “no presents please” type shindig. (It has also since morphed into a “Sure, that’s fine if you pick her up late because your babies both fell asleep approximately half an hour before the end of the party because toddlers have the worst timing“ type thing, which hurrah! It’s so quiet here I don’t know what to do with myself.)

Anywho. This morning Fiona woke up and decided she wanted to make a painting for the birthday girl, and also bring her flowers from our yard. Perfect.

As we were walking out the door (late, as per usual, but luckily I had originally planned to walk and so had a tiny bit of spare time when I decided to scrap that plan and drive the 1.4km there), Fiona decided she needed add a birthday message to her painting. I wrote out what she needed to write, and then as I wrangled babies (well, not so much babies as toddlers and preschoolers now, I guess) into carseats she printed out the message. I could not have made this process cuter if I tried.

She did great with the letters, but I don’t think she’s fully grasped that they need to be in the proper sequence in order to form actual words. But still. Adorbs.