Winter. Like I remember it.

The last few days have been so warm! Like, above freezing! Warm enough to really spend time outside without risking bodily harm! It’s been glorious. (And really melty, but mostly glorious.)

Just a warning- this entry is image heavy. But since I can’t hear any of your complaints, I’ll just assume that you’re about to settle in and enjoy.

So yesterday afternoon when everyone was about to hit meltdown mode and I’d already refused like 308479386572439867 requests for screen time and snacks (because SERIOUSLY how many granola bars does one need to eat in one day before you decide on your own that maybe that’s enough already), I decided to throw everyone outside. Well, Violet asked to go outside. Bianca is always game to do what any of the others do, and I was dying to get Fiona and her newfound love of my old point-and-shoot Canon out of my face.g. (Man, it’s annoying on the other side of the lens.)

So the first thing I have for you today is a selection of Fiona’s images from the afternoon. I present them to you unretouched in any way. For artistic integrity.

fionas_images-01In that first batch, I think my favorites are “Lonely Indian” and “Dying Shrub”.

fionas_images-02And holy crap, if that last one isn’t a self-portrait straight out of a first semester art school portfolio I don’t know what is. I’m keeping my eye on this young talent. (And look, the lonely Indian found a cowboy friend!)

Seriously though, I found that old camera so I could give it to Fiona to take on her first campout with her Sparks unit tonight. I cannot wait to see the photos/video she brings home, and to hear the stories that go along with them.

But back to yesterday. Once Fiona had had her fill of capturing the decisive moment, I made the decision to put on pants and joined the kiddos outside. And we went for a walk over to the field back behind the condos over by the highway. Because our neighborhood is neither city nor country. And because there was a whole lot more clean snow back there that was untouched by dog piss and rock salt. I mean, there was some. But waaaaay less.

And so I give you my images from the day.

snowy_day-01 snowy_day-02 snowy_day-03

It was a beautiful afternoon. Winter’s much more bearable when we can occasionally go out and enjoy it.


Oh, and I almost forgot! Thanks for the gorgeous handmade hats, Auntie Erin! None of our old hats can even compare, these are requested every time we go out.