Walking that fine line between lame and AWESOME.

Sometimes I think of an idea and it is so super cool, and then halfway through doing it I realize it’s kind of lame. Then I think, maybe it’s so lame it’s cool, then I think “you’re overthinking things”, then I decide I don’t care because I FEEL LIKE MAKING SUGAR COOKIES SHAPED LIKE HOCKEY MASCOTS AND PIPING ICING ONTO OREOS TO MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE HOCKEY PUCKS FOR THE STANLEY CUP FINALS. And I don’t care how room-mother-ish that is. Also, caps-style yelling.

Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks (orcas? def had to google that one)

And then today it was rainy again and we went to the science museum and then when Nate got home we all put on our rainboots and splashed in the puddles in the lane and THAT was undeniable PURE awesome.

Walking with Mama.

Teaching baby sister to splash and jump.

Yelling hello to the turtles. Yes. The TMNT.

Kisses for Daddy.