Ups and downs.

Yesterday morning, I woke to the sweet sounds of Toni Basil blaring from my husband’s clock radio. I sort of half kicked him and mumbled something to the effect of “turnnit down, why is your alarm set so early today?” and rolled over. It was around the 8th “Hey Mickey” that I realized that it was not, in fact, early. It was 7:46, and I had exactly 14 minutes to get Fiona out of bed, dressed, fed, and out the door to the school bus stop.

And by God, with the help of a raspberry nutrigrain bar and a quick ponytail, I did it. We got to the bus stop smack on time. I was astounded, and will probably never be able to repeat the experience, but I was glad. I really did not wish to navigate the hell that I imagine parent drop-off to be at that school.

Then it was time to get Violet up and out the door. That went smoothly, right up until she walked out the door with Nate and he remembered that he hadn’t yet put the seats back into his car (he took them out to get my new treadmill home from the store), and so he couldn’t bring Violet to preschool on his way to work as is our norm. So I had to bring her. Luckily, the baby and I were already dressed and ready to go, unfortunately that was because I was trying to get to a doctor appointment I was already late for.

But we got her to school. I got to my appointment. Everything was peachy again. Bianca and I even spent a large portion of the morning relaxing at Starbucks, which was super enjoyable. It was a nice day.

homecomingBianca does this every day when Fiona comes home from school. Think she misses big sister?

Until later that afternoon when I went down to the basement to wash a load of cloth diapers and found the last load of wash sitting there in a foot of standing water. I hoped maybe Nate had stopped it mid-cycle intentionally for some actual reason, but no. It’s just that this is a rental house and so our appliances are the cheapest ones available to man. And now our washer is broken and I’ve got a bag full of dirty diapers sitting next to it. And that is just irritating. And gross.

So while I wait for my washer to be repaired, please enjoy this video of Bianca at Starbucks. It’s nothing all that exciting, just a minute and thirty-five seconds of her adorable self.

Here’s to the good times!

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