Ugh. And then ugh again.

On Sunday I ran a half-marathon.

Which I most definitely did not train properly for.

While the race itself went better than expected, actually, the recovery has been a bit unpleasant. Thankfully by this evening almost everything has gone back to normal. My back is still bugging me a bit, but that’s nothing new. MY one foot is still feeling pretty messed up, though. Hurts to walk and all that. I think I did something to it when I went for a 4-mile run on Saturday like an idiot with a new running group. I thought they were going to be walking this week. I thought it would be a nice easy way to kind of warm-up for Sunday’s race. But no. I pushed myself on Saturday morning. And it felt good.

Except for my foot. That hurt. And still hurt going into Sunday.

NONETHELESS. Amanda and I (yes, I am talking about two separate people) did well. We finished the half-marathon in a mere 2 hours and 53 minutes. Which is pretty good, considering I was planning to shoot for 4hrs and be thrilled with anything less that 3 1/2. It worked out well- I was the motivator for the first half (we RAN…well, okay, JOGGED the entire first half without any walk breaks at ALL so I think that’s pretty amazing) and Amanda was the motivator for the second half, when I pretty much just wanted to walk the entire time. There were lots of little slopey hills, man.

But prepared or no, we managed to finish. And it was a good time.

In baby news- Fiona has very nearly mastered the art of sitting up. She can’t like pull herself into a sitting position or anything, but if I set her down in a sitting fashion, she can stay there for a few to several minutes before she gets too too excited and ends up tipping herself over. She likes that too, though. I’m glad she’s such a generally happy baby. Don’t get me wrong, she definitely can pitch a fit with the best of them. But really, she’s happy most of the time. Keep her fed, and keep her on a fairly consistent nap routine and she’s good to go.

We’ve started her on foods. So far baby oatmeal, bananas, and squash. She likes it all very much. Although I do think I need to get some sort of high chair. The bumbo seat that she currently has… she’s not the biggest fan of. She mainly likes to tip herself over backwards out of it and conk her head on the coffee table. Not that she did that or anything. Yesterday.

‘Tis late. I should be sleeping. Cause baby is back to normal, waking up like every 3 or 4 hours to eat. Except now we usually get up for the day by 8am. I have grown accustomed to sleeping much later than that. But I have to admit- I kind of like this getting up at 7:30. Gives me a much better chance at accomplishing something before the midafternoon inertia sets in.

I am wasting precious sleep time.

I’m out.

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