Two Steps Forward and One Skipped Nap. (AHAHAHA it’s so much more than just one nap)

Des is suuuuper close to walking. He can cruise around furniture like a pro, pulls himself up to stand and do little baby squats, can push the little shopping cart around the house, can stand alone for several seconds, and as of yesterday can take a single step.

And you know what all these developmental leaps mean. YAY SLEEP REGRESSION. He’s never been an awesome sleeper to begin with (following after oh, every single one of my other children ohmygah what if its me its probably totally me) but he typically falls asleep around 8, same as Mikey and the girls. On a good night he’ll sleep through until around midnightish, then wake up for a drink and go back to sleep until maybe 3am, at which point I’ll just bring him to bed with me because sleep, sleep, my precious sleeeeep.

But not this week. This week we’re doing all the fun things like Scream For Forty-Five Minutes for No Good Reason at One In The Morning! and Refuse To Sleep In Crib! and Thirty Minute Nap! and my favorite, Wake Up Every Hour From Ten Until Four followed by the Grand Finale of Staying Awake From Four Until Five-Forty-Five.

You guys. I’m so tired.

Coffee, my preeeeecious coffee. I needs it.

Lookit how cute he is though.

Ahhh, the survival of the species. The more troublesome they are, the more adorable they need to be. So that the parents don’t like, eat their young. (True story, when I was a kid my sister had a rabbit named Buttercup and it had babies but something wasn’t quite right and one morning we went out to the hutch to find all the baby bunnies chewed in half. Thaaaaat one left a mark.)

Anyways, I think we can all agree that my children are exceptionally adorable. Which is good. Because sometimes I can sort of understand where Buttercup’s head was at.


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