Too busy for this.

So I actually don’t have time to write up a blog post right now, due to the whole moving to Canada thing… but I’m sitting here watching Violet scoot all over the room, in that “not quite crawling but more than just rolling over” way she has, and realizing that I HAVE to take the time to do at least short posts to track that sort of thing. I just went back and read through a few old posts from when Fiona was that age, and guess what? If I had no written down record of it, I WOULD HAVE NO CLUE when she did things like crawl, or cut teeth (which Violet is also doing right now, actually), or walk, or talk… I really have to be better at keeping track.


Violet is just shy of 6 months old. Fiona just turned two. They had doctor visits last week, they are both TEENSY TINY little girls, Violet is actually smaller than Fiona was at that age, if you can believe that.

Fiona is getting so big, picking out her own outfits (currently she’s wearing “cowboots” and jammies with my fashion scarf around her neck, and of course don’t forget the “pitty” eye makeup she’s got on) and drawing pictures and asking for chicken “nuckets” every day for lunch and dancing and playing (she just yesterday started doing somersaults and the “fips” (splits)) and grabbing her baby sister in a big hug and saying CHEEEEEESE every time she sees a camera, and in general “showing her personality”, (which as all the parents know, is code for TANTRUMS GALORE) and she’s just so terribly, wonderfully, completely TWO.

Violet is somehow nearly six months old, which is just amazing to me. She is mobile, this one. Creeping all over the room, finding the one little scrap of paper and shoving it in her mouth. Speaking of her mouth, she’s got one little tooth poking through her gums (you can’t see it, but trust my boob- IT’S THERE. And it’s SHARP.), and unfortunately we can’t use those teething tablets we used with her big sister because they’ve been freaking recalled like 97 thousand other things recently. But she’s been really happy anyways, she is such a happy baby the majority oof the time. She nearly slept through the night one. time. A nice 7-hour stretch. But that only happened once and now we are back to that waking up about every hour and a half to two hours. Which is fairly exhausting, but at least all she wants is a quick snack and then she’s back out. During the day she is smiley, and likes exploring, and talks with her big sis, and has even been behaving better in the car.

The two of them together are just too much. Fiona still holds on to baby sister’s carseat when we drive anywhere. Violet cheers up when Fiona sings to her. They even share a room now, which was kind of middle of the night, spur of the moment thing that really took. I was worried that Violet would wake Fiona up and vice versa, but it’s been really good for both of them. At 8:00 every night we all go upstairs and change into jammies and brush teeth and read stories and say prayers, and then Violet nurses and both girls get tucked in; we turn on the lullabies and the nightlight and then they both happily fall asleep. When Violet wakes up to eat again a few hours later, Fiona wakes up only enough to feel reassured that we are here and that she can safely stay sleeping in her bed.

Usually by the end of the night I get tired of sitting up to nurse and Violet gets pulled into bed with me, which means that by about 7am there is another little somebody standing next to my bed saying “Hi!”. Nate and I are suckers, which means that we normally end up pulling her into bed with us as well. The other day we suggested that she go back to her own bed, but she just cuddled down into the covers and said “No! Suggle!” and really. Are you going to refuse that?

It’s going so fast. I can’t NOT take time to write things down.

Picking out pumpkins on Fiona’s 2nd birthday

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