Three-year-olds are awesome.

When I asked Violet what she wanted to have for dinner on her birthday, she said birthday. Then she said cake. And then she finally decided on “aksa-daddy.”


IMG_8734Not sure how spaghetti became aksadaddy, but I do know that the girl loves herself some carbohydrates.

In the gift department, I asked the other day what she wanted for her birthday. She told me she wanted Penny, wrapped up in wrapping paper.  Penny is her current favorite stuffed animal. That she already has.


IMG_8740So we wrapped Penny up and gave her to Violet. She was so thrilled. You’d never know she’d already been playing with that exact toy all day today.


Of course, I did have a few other gifts for her. Like this $3 bucket of dinosaurs I bought off a neighborhood swap page. Suuuuch a hit.


Then it was cupcake decorating time (I think I have a sprinkle addiction. The sheer number of sprinkle choices we have is overwhelming. Dinos? Farm animals? Safari animals? Multi-colored nonpareils? Hearts? Colored sugar? Dude, I got you covered.) and then the singing and the candles and the ice cream annnnd that’s a wrap.





Happy third birthday, my little love.

Keep on being such an awesome little sweetheart.